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Plenary Lecture 2: Teledermatology: Preparing for Widespread Adoption
Joseph Kvedar (Boston, USA)

Q&A Plenary Lecture 2
                           Chaired by Paola Pasquali, with Joseph Kvedar

Live Discussion Session 5: Education, Training, and the Human Factor 
                          Chaired by David Moreno, with Lara Ferrándiz, Justin Ko, Jules Lipoff

Live Discussion Session 6: The Hottest Topic. Clinical Telemedicine Beyond Dermatology
                          Chaired by Paola Pasquali, with David Moreno, Tejasvi Trilokraj

Live Discussion Session 7: Technologies for Teledermatology and AI
                          Chaired by David Moreno, with Paola Pasquali, Amr Salam

Final Remarks and Wrap Up
                          With David Moreno & Paola Pasquali 

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